Lighting (Gaffer)

I have decades of experience with light, starting from my days in still photography. I have built up a substantial collection of light gear. I can work with the Director of Photography at any level, from complete ownership of the lighting design to merely placing fixtures as directed. I will stand by to assist the camera operator throughout the shoot with exposure readings and white balance adjustments.

The primary components of my gear are:

Arri Tungsten Fresnel Lights
I have 2850 watts of tungsten fresnel lights made by Arri (not Chinese knock-offs): three 650W, two 300W, and two 150W. These are compact and efficient (for tungsten) fixtures that provide abundant light for a large room and plenty of flexibility. Color temperature: 3200K
Photoflex StarLites (Tungsten)
I have two 1kW StarLite fixtures and a 3kW Constellation3. Though less efficient, these fixtures provide illumination that is more controlled and less natural. They are well-suited for futuristic scenes or music videos. Color temperature: 3200K
Photoflex CoolStars (Daylight CFL)
In addition to tungsten lamps, the StarLite fixtures can accept 150W daylight balanced CFL lamps (150W CFL is approximately equivalent to 450W tungsten). Though bulkier and less powerful, these lights can be color matched with daylight and used where power is limited. Color temperature: 5600K

In addition, I have a variety of light modifiers, including reflectors, diffusers, soft boxes, barn doors, scrims, and flags. It should go without saying that I have stands, extension cords, sand bags, a gray card, a light meter, and gaffer's tape. With advance scouting, I can bring color correcting gels for existing light sources and windows.