Misguided Endeavor

I am Michael Pearce, an amateur filmmaker in the St. Louis area. I am always looking for short film projects that have potential. I am also available as crew for zero-budget film productions. My background is photography.

Short Film Projects

A good project begins with a script, one that is well-suited for a low-budget production. If you have a script or story idea that fits these needs, I would like to organize a film project around it.

Additionally, I am always interested in meeting potential actors and crew, and keeping my eyes open for locations, interesting props, and other resources that can be utilized in future projects. If you might possibly fit into any of these categories, I would love to network with you.

Film Crewman

It is my pleasure to contribute as crew on well-organized, zero-budget film productions. I can fill any production crew role of an amateur film project, but I am primarily interested in the following positions. In each case, I come with a fairly complete set of equipment.

Director of Photography / Camera Operator
Professional-quality cinematography for your amateur film. Shot composition and camera movement are both an art form and a technical skill that directly impacts the telling of a cinematic story.
Lighting (Gaffer)
Quality indoor (and to some degree outdoor) light setups, ranging from natural to stylistic. Great lighting is the key to beautiful images and visual impact.
Location Sound Recordist
Recording of dialog and on-location sound effects using a boompole and microphone, via a digital recorder or mixing into the camera. Bad sound is the #1 weakness of amateur film.

Burlesque Videography

For the past few years, I have been recording event video for burlesque shows in the St. Louis area. This video appears on my Vimeo and YouTube channels.